​Do you have anecdotes and family stories
that stand out on their own?

Start your Memory Collection one story at a time. 

Select a question from the drop-down box or choose your own, and get ready to be interviewed or type up to 1,500 words on the subject. Email your story or contact us to make a time for a half-hour interview to be recorded on the telephone or online (Zoom or Skype). Each memory can have two captioned photos, which you can scan and email, and you’ll sign off a draft before it’s finished. The whole process will be completed within an agreed timeframe.

We’ll email your Memory Collection one story at a time, and when you have a number of them we can be creative. For example, after collecting ten memories we can create a flippable PDF that you can print out and share, or your very own webstory. If you’re really inspired, we can arrange to design and print you own book.
The cost for one Memory Collection is $599.00 inclusive of GST, which we ask to be paid before you start. 


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