If you don't tell your story - who will?
Don't wait until it's too late.

The benefits of preserving your life story:

  • Who will tell your story if you don't? Sadly, many have waited until it was too late.
  • No one else knows your stories like you do and only you can reflect on the lessons learned and the wisdom gained during your journey.
  • People lead busy lives, and even those passionate about saving stories don't necessarily have the skills or time needed to produce a beautiful book.
  • In telling how you survived through difficult, painful, or dark times, you teach important life coping skills and resiliency to your descendants.
  • You are an important link in the chain of life. Through your memories, you can connect your children and your children's children to voices of their past.
  • Family photos and memorabilia treasured for years can be scanned and preserved in your memoir so that loved ones and future generations can bear witness to your story.
  • Your story will let your loved ones and your descendants know you were a real, three-dimensional, vibrant person, and not just a name on a family tree.
  • Your life gives young people a glimpse into a past, though not too distant, which may seem unrecognisable to them - a life before computers, email, texting, iPads and maybe even before television!
  • In sharing the truth about your life, you will be passing down to future generations your personal values, the life lessons you've learned, and the ethical code that guided your life.
  • Preserving your stories in a beautiful, heirloom-quality volume, gives your loved ones a precious gift they can treasure forever and pass on to their children and grandchildren.

Relax and enjoy the journey, we're with you every step along the way.
Here's how it works....

We schedule an initial, free of charge, no-obligation consultation. We then meet to determine the scope of your project and give you an estimate of the amount of time it will take to complete the project and what it will cost. 


After our first introductory meeting, we meet again to plan the project, conduct pre-interview research if necessary, and agree a timeframe for the completion of the project. 
The client completes a preliminary questionnaire allowing time to organise their memories before our next phase of interviews.


During this phase the interviews are conducted or notes are transcribed and the text is edited and proof read. A first draft manuscript is delivered to the client for revisions and corrections and several draft manuscripts may follow until the client is happy with the content.
The client - this is the fun stage where you decide on photos and other documents you wish to include, review the draft and approval the final manuscript. Now your story is coming to life!

Photo Collection

Photos and documents are scanned and the manuscript and images are combined. A coloured proof of the pages as they will appear in your book will be presented for alteration and approval. We supervise the printing and binding and deliver the finished book(s) to you.
The client reviews the graphics options, the page layout and proof. Approves final proof for print.

Design of
your book

Once we have all of the content signed off, photos in hand - that's where the magic begins - the design. Our team of talented designers will capture your story in essence and bring that story to life with clever design, personalising each book for each client. No two are the same.
The client is provided a full colour proof to read through and make any final alterations required before it's sent to the printers.

Choose the book style
to fill with your life story

Your words from your interviews will be presented
in a stunning book surrounded by photographs,
letters, documents and other precious memorabilia.

The team at Forget Me Not Life Stories believes passionately that memoirs should not only be graphically beautiful inside and out, but bound beautifully. For this reason we offer a range of four luxurious coffee-table quality books where your life stories will give readers a peek back into history.

The Traditional

This option has a soft cover and is ideal when the budget is particularly important. The work, both inside and out is of the same high standard as our other options.

The Heritage

The Heritage is a superbly hand-crafted presentation book with a number of beautiful features such as ribbon page markers, metal corners and the choice of a colour-combination binding material. The title and author name is foil stamped on the front cover.

The DeLuxe

The DeLuxe offers two distinct features:
The binding is 'flexible' so that chapters can be added at a later date - a unique advantage!
The cover of the DeLuxe is padded giving a luxurious look and feel. It also features ribbon page markers, metal corners and the choice of colour-combination binding material. The title and author name is foil stamped on the front cover.

Hardcover Landscape

The A4 Hardcover Landscape is perfect for a thicker book as it is section sewn for greater page stability. The binding is ideal when clients wish to showcase photos as stunning double-page spreads on the inside, and the outside covers can be designed to feature their own photos.


Bright Sunlight, Dark Shadow

A book written to not only detail her story - but to help others.
Judy Hale, a 78-year-old Cambridge grandmother lost her sight, smell, and taste 32 years ago and with the help of Samantha Cutler of Forget Me Not Life Stories captured the journey of facing the future without sight.
Wanting to help others, Judy will donate proceeds of her book to the Blind Foundation and specifically its Guide Dog Services.

"Samantha Cutler, you have done an excellent job piecing together Judy's Story.  I also love the format that it’s printed in, ideal for those of us with failing vision. I am proud to call Judy and Utah my 'friends'." - Sue Collier, Chairperson for Cambridge Blind & Vision Impaired Support Group

You're never too young to start capturing your memories

Forget Me Not have designed Memory Jogger cards to help capture those special memories. You can start writing down what comes to mind and file them in the box the cards come in ready for the day you want to write your story.

Did you know that if you don't preserve your story,
it will be lost after two generations

Meet our experienced writers

Let's meet for a free of charge, no obligation consultation, 
to determine the scope of your project - and let's get your life story book underway.


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