Capturing life stories one story
at a time

Give the past a future today. Let Forget Me Not Life Stories capture your personal or company history before it's lost.

Family and Personal History

Preserve important family stories and memories and help others discover the experiences that shaped you. A life story goes beyond the names and dates on a family tree, it puts a human face on historic events and shares your lessons.

Forget Me Not Life Stories writers capture the stories behind the facts and infuse the past with vitality - giving the past a future today.

Company History

Capturing the journey of your company leaves a record of how you succeeded and what mattered to you. It is less about the financial bottom line and more about honouring your past and committing to the future. 

A company history reflects the values that guided, and continue to guide your company and the people, communities, and customers that make it strong. You can celebrate your company’s many successes while honouring the efforts and relationships that made them possible.  Tell your brand story and preserve your company history today. 

Mentoring your Life Story

We recognise that some people prefer to handle their own life story project themselves. However, queries often pop up about their project and a little bit of guidance is needed - and that's where Forget Me Not Life Stories come in. 

We understand that writing your life story or family history is no easy undertaking, and we've designed a FREE E-book with some tips to help you get started. Our mentoring and life story writing coaching service is also available, and we can assist you by phone, through video or face-to-face meetings.

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"Telling your stories is like collecting little gems to give to the next generation."

Leah Abrahams

Preparing your life story is a personal process

Every person has something extraordinary about them and a story to tell.
Forget Me Not Life Stories make it easy for you to transform a headful of memories and a boxful of photos into an enduring legacy for your family.
We will co-ordinate all aspects of your project from beginning to end so you can relax and enjoy the journey.


From Far Off Grassy Plains

My book is exactly me – it has made me think about my life and has been well designed with many memorable photos. I’ve been able to give the completed book to my family and friends and have received great feedback. Samantha was excellent and easy to work with.

Ian Bickle

Life Story writer: Samantha Cutler

Working together to tell your story with experienced writers

Forget Me Not Life Stories is proud of the high standards of writing, design and print, preserving family and business histories in beautifully designed 'coffee-table quality' books which have become the cornerstone of our success.

Gift Vouchers - a truly unique gift

A Forget Me Not Life Story gift voucher entitles the recipient to the $Dollar value of personal historian services towards a life story and can be redeemed with any of our writers working throughout New Zealand.
Terms and Conditions apply, and are noted in the shop and also on the voucher when emailed to you.

You're never too young to start capturing your memories

Memory Jogger cards are a great way to start capturing memories to put into your story.
Forget Me Not Life Stories Memory Jogger card pack contains fifty cards, each with a different title to get you started. Simply pull a card from the pack and start writing down what comes to mind - it's that easy!
Each full set includes instructions on how to use the cards to their full potential and get your story started.


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