Written by Kate McCarthy - The following is an excerpt from Margaret McNaughton’s Life Story (in progress) reflecting on the grand era of New Zealand Railways.  As I grew up in New Zealand during the Great Depression, between World War One and World War Two,...
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The Good Cemeterians

October 17, 2019
Written by Sarah Ryder - Brian McIntyre’s wife says he’ll be spending long enough in a cemetery without spending all his days above ground in one as well!  Despite this Brian and his team dubbed ‘the cemeterians’ have spent hundreds of hours in Nelson ...
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Written by Yelshea de Jong - What would be on the playlist for the soundtrack of your life?  We each have one; with specific music enduring the test of time to continue rotating upon the turntable of our lives.  Each soundtrack remaining as unique to us a...
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The Last Epidemic?

July 12, 2019
Written by Elaine Mead - When I was six years old, my grandmother was rushed to Auckland Hospital emergency one evening and the family gathered, as the outcome was grim.  At that age, you don’t appreciate the gravity of such a situation, and sitting and wait...
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Written by Leane Wheeler - One of the memories of most of my clients is when they first watched television.  Often only one family in the street would be lucky enough to have a television and many people remember gathering at the neighbours to watch the telly as th...
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Written by Samantha Cutler -  My inspiring client Judy Hale introduces her story, “Following a blessed rural life spent around Maramarua in North Waikato, enriched with family love, animals and the land, in 1977 our lives were plunged into disarray at the death o...
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Armistice Day

October 10, 2018
Written by Elaine Mead -  France, 6 June 1917 “Dear Auntie, a few lines to let you know I am in the best of health, and also I received your ever welcome parcel, also Weekly News.  Auntie the parcel was very much welcomed this time, as I am in the trenches and ru...
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