Forget Me Not Life Stories Testimonials

An invaluable book

"Working with Kate was amazing.  She showed us examples of books that she had already completed and was very clear on the processes that needed to be completed to get the book underway to proof and then final copy. This is an invaluable book with so much of not only Mum’s life story but has included much of her family’s history too, including her children’s. All of the stories of her life will not be forgotten now and are there for the next generation.
The feedback we’ve received from those that have read it, is that it is an “absolutely incredible effort, really beautifully put together and very interesting”, and “I have finished reading the book.  Loved every moment of it.  What an interesting life Fay has had.” 
Ann Russell - Faye's daughter
My Footprint - Fay Crail

Life Story writer: Kate McCarthy

Forget Me Not Lifestories - Fay Crail - My Footprint

Blown away by the book

Sharing my life story with my family has been very special and now they have a history of my life. Some of my children have not seen the completed book yet as they live overseas, but those that have their copy are blown away with the book and how it is set out. The features are amazing, with added pictures relating to parts of the story throughout. Always in constant contact and up to date with each stage, Kate also suggested some information that I hadn’t thought of and was always happy to add in items that I had forgotten, right up to the end before going to print. Kate was very friendly and helpful, throughout the process.

Jenny Arrowsmith with her Life Story, My Life As I Lived It

Life Story writer: Kate McCarthy

Always on time and accurate

"Kate was extremely professional to work with, always on time and accurate in her reporting throughout this project. While the family haven’t received their copies yet, we are very proud of the finished book and The team at Forget Me Not Life Stories couldn’t have done better."
Our Journey - The Cresswell - McLean Story

Life Story writer: Kate McCarthy

Bruce MacDougall, book Memories of Yesterday with Forget Me Not Lifestories

Sound advice and encouragement

"Kate was always helpful and professional. She gave sound advice and encouragement when it was needed. I believe we developed a good understanding of what I was trying and wanting to record in the book. It has taken me a long time and many, many hours but I am pleased I have done it. I believe my family will all find it interesting and learn a lot from it. I am delighted with the layout and how the photographs have been presented."
Bruce MacDougall, Memories from Yesterday

Life Story writer: Kate McCarthy


Working with Kate was delightful

"Overall I’m very happy with all aspects of the effort and time that went into this production. Working with Kate was delightful – she was always understanding.  My family say that they are enjoying finding out about the early lives of their parents and grandparents. It has been a joy to see the book presented."
Isabel Weenink – Pages Turned Over 90 Years

Life Story writer: Kate McCarthy

Isabel Weenink - Forget Me Not Lifestories
Pat Lowry - Life Story Book - Take Every Opportunity

"An appreciation of the simplicity and openness of my book"

Contact with Samantha has been excellent at all times. Samantha is positive and keeps things moving. Family members were unaware of many of the things I had done in my life. They appreciate the simplicity and openness of my book.

The final putting together of the book far surpassed my expectations.

Pat Lowry

Life Story writer: Samantha Cutler

Tom Macartney - Book A Penguin in the Paras

"Finished product outstanding"

My life story (A Penguin in the Paras) was coaxed out of me with good humour, courtesy and efficiency. It was a very easy working relationship with Sarah.  My family are keen to see my memoirs and the finished product is outstanding. It is far better than other examples that I have seen from my peers.

Tom Macartney

Life Story Writer: Sarah Ryder

Jock Elvin - Life Story Book - Like That!

"A champion job all round"

I’m very pleased I did it (Like That! My Life Story by Jock Elvin – Ed). The family have found some of the content to be quite fascinating. I’m also pleased with Kate from Forget Me Not Life Stories' service. A champion job all round.

Jock Elvin

Life Story Writer: Kate McCarthy

Brian Lane - Book Seeking New Pastures

"A work of art"

To me working with Sarah and writing my book brought back many long-lost memories. Sarah was very helpful and good to work with and answered all my questions. I am very pleased with the outcome, especially the design as it turned it from just a life story into a work of art. I hope it will inspire members of my family to write their story at some stage.

Brian Lane

Life Story writer: Sarah Ryder

"For my whole family, now and forever"

The service provided by Forget Me Not Life Stories was excellent. Kate was encouraging but not imposing, and I am proud of the finished printed book. The biggest benefit has been able to express my thoughts and feelings without discrimination.

The finished book is excellent, the appropriate photos are all displayed in the right place, and my uncle’s poem included with professional display. The benefit of this book will be for my whole family, now and forever. Thank you for your expertise and professionalism.

Margaret Houghton

Life Story Writer: Kate McCarthy

Professional and pleasant service

Sharing my life story with my family has meant more than I anticipated – what great memories! I’m very pleased with the finished book and its features. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience working with Kate who provided a very professional and pleasant service.

Margaret McNaughton 

Life Story Writer: Kate McCarthy

A lovely publication

I always had the inclination to have my life story put onto paper, but having never been a great scribe I never got motivated to do it. Kate was very helpful with interviews, of which there were a few, and it all came together. It’s a lovely publication, and Kate has done a great job for me. 

I owe it to my family to give them copies so my grandchildren and great-grandchildren who don’t know a lot about my life will have something to refer to.

John Whiteman

Life Story Writer: Kate McCarthy

The Sweet and Sour of a Life

Kate and I worked collaboratively to achieve the final result which I am very happy with. We moulded the book into a good, easy read. It is well designed and the photos have added well to the text. Kate was very patient with me!

David Hoyes

Life Story Writer: Kate McCarthy

"The whole project was most enjoyable"

Working with Sarah was great. She asked the right questions to make the book flow.  I cannot fault any aspects of our work together. I'm very pleased with the finished book which will be shared by a variety of friends and family and will be a record of interest for the wider community.

John White

Life Story Writer: Sarah Ryder

Click here to purchase John's book: A Bloody Opportunist

My journey through life

Kate was very easy to get along with and I enjoyed her visits. She was easy to talk to and good at suggesting things that helped prod my memory.
The sharing of my life story has meant I now have a record of it, particularly as my grandfather and great-grandfather left a record of theirs.
My finished book is very nicely presented and I will be happy to pass it on to future generations.

Muriel O'Driscoll

Life Story Writer: Kate McCarthy

"A very good story for my family"

The service received to produce my book was very good.  It is well presented and all that was needed.  We had good relations with Sarah and it is, I hope, a very good story for my family.”

Duncan Urquhart

Life Story Writer: Sarah Ryder

Kathy Pedersen with her life story book

"One hundred percent-plus"

The service received to produce my book from inception to finish was one hundred percent-plus.

Sarah is a special person and we hit it off from day one. It was a pleasure.

The finished product has exceeded my expectations.

Stewart McSkimming

Life Story Writer: Sarah Ryder

Stewart's book Go Hard or Go Home is being used as a fundraiser for the Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust that Stewart is an ambassador for. 

Trip down memory lane

The service I received to produce my book was excellent, and Samantha was very good to work with. 

My book is a trip down memory lane, and it’s great to have access to the past all together rather than spread around!

Gail Hussey

Life Story Writer: Samantha Cutler

"Exceeded my expectations"

I had for some time wanted to share my story with my children, and now I have adult grandchildren and great-grandchildren growing up.

Kate quickly gained my confidence and as a result it became easier and easier to talk about my life with her. The production of my book went more smoothly than I had expected, and the end result was very professional and exceeded my expectations. Overall the presentation was excellent.

Tom Russell
Life Story Writer: Kate McCarthy

"First class service"

The service I received was first class. Kate was easy to talk to and on the same wavelength during our discussions. My grandchildren and great-grandchildren will now know what we did during our working life and before.

Ted Parker

Life Story Writer: Kate McCarthy

A promise fulfilled

I completed a promise to my granddaughter, and have now left a legacy for my family. My book has a lovely standard of photographs.

Samantha was efficient and informative of each phase of production.

Kathy Pederson

Life Story Writer: Samantha Cutler

Kathy Pedersen with her life story book

"Love what you do"

Barbara Wilson, a weaver and spinner, has written 'From Tragedy to Success' with the help of Forget Me Not Life Stories, telling a personal story of great tragedy and loss, and how she managed to overcome it and rebuild her life.
"When I was first introduced to Kate McCarthy I knew I was going to enjoy working with her in all aspects of the book.  Now that it is printed with fantastic feedback, I would recommend Forget Me Not Life Stories to anyone."

Barbara Wilson

Life Story writer: Kate McCarthy

Picture of Franciscus and Johanna Overwater's life story book

An Odyssey

"Samantha was good to work with, and very professional. We particularly like the early history section of our book, and we think our grandchildren will benefit from reading our story."

Franciscus and Johanna Overwater

Life Story writer: Samantha Cutler

From Far Off Grassy Plains

My book is exactly me – it has made me think about my life and has been well designed with many memorable photos. I’ve been able to give the completed book to my family and friends and have received great feedback. Samantha was excellent and easy to work with.

Ian Bickle

Life Story writer: Samantha Cutler

Diane Comber with her life story book

In Retrospect

Kate McCarthy is very professional in all aspects of bringing together a book.

She is a good listener, while giving confidence and urging the progression along i.e. requesting homework and research between meetings.  The co-ordination and timing with the design company and then the printing company was exemplary.

Kate’s patience and diplomacy throughout the eighteen months it took to complete made the process enjoyable.

I have no hesitancy in recommending Kate.

Diane Comber

Life Story writer: Kate McCarthy


"I was proud to be signing a book of such high quality. I was thrilled with the professional assistance I received in putting together my story. Kate accepted and developed my idea of keeping it light, easy to read and tying together photos and dialogue. Thank you Kate."
Brian Cotter
Life Story writer: Kate McCarthy

Enjoyed the process

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Samantha on my life story - From There to Here. My family was excited about the book launch." 
Iris Gordon
Life Story writer: Samantha Cutler

I'd recommend Kate unreservedly for her patience and warmth of personality

"I recommend Forget Me Not Life Stories unreservedly to anyone who wishes to do an autobiography, particularly Kate McCarthy for her patience, understanding, guidance and warmth of personality when we worked together on my book, Journey into the Unknown."
- Sid Pavett

Rare Glimpse

Memories of Gallipoli was compiled from autograph books which belonged to Sister Florence Duckett, a nursing sister on the hospital ship HMHS Galeka in WW1. Memories of Gallipoli is a unique personal collection of autographs, notes, cartoons and poems penned by soldiers from the Gallipoli campaign. Endorsed by the RSA of NZ and with a Foreword by Sir Jerry Mateparae, the book provides a rare glimpse into a war fought long ago.

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Bright Sunlight, Dark Shadow

A book written to not only detail her story - but to help others.
Judy Hale, a 78-year-old Cambridge grandmother lost her senses of sight, smell, and taste 32 years ago and with the help of Samantha Cutler of Forget Me Not Life Stories captured the journey of facing the future without sight.
Wanting to help others, Judy will donate proceeds of her book to Blind and Low Vision NZ and specifically its Guide Dog Services.

"Samantha Cutler, you have done an excellent job piecing together Judy's Story.  I also love the format that it’s printed in, ideal for those of us with failing vision. I am proud to call Judy and Utah my 'friends'." - Sue Collier, Chairperson for Cambridge Blind & Vision Impaired Support Group


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