Share your life story with a wider audience

In a world where sending books anywhere has been made more difficult and
expensive, we’ve made it easier for you to share your story with friends and family overseas. If you don’t wish to have a fully designed book printed, or would like your book to be made available on a website, then check out an example of a webstory below.

Webstories – your very own secure website with your unique life story and photos presented in easy to navigate chapters. First we collect your story and photos, and then upload them to create your own personal website that we host on your behalf.  A secure webstory makes it easy to share your life story with friends and family overseas with no design, print, or postage costs. We host your webstory and keep it ‘live’ for a predetermined length of time, and will discuss options to keep your story safe towards the end. You can either extend your hosting term, take the webstory down, or have it designed and printed into a book.

Making your story read well is always important, so contact the team at Forget Me Not Life Stories to help you get started and create your very own webstory. The cost to prepare your webstory depends on how much content you want to include. Below you’ll find our hosting rates.

Hosting Rates

We can host your webstory for one or two years or more.
Towards the end of your selected hosting term, we will be in touch to take your direction on next steps.

• One year - $300.00  • All prices include GST


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