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A personal story, like time itself, is so very precious.
As a young girl, my love of writing poetry gifted me first place in a local competition and so began my early love of writing and self-expression.
Next came years of song writing endeavours, which continue to this day and served me well during the time I taught many students to sing and write songs of their own.   
I have written professionally and academically, whilst working in an administrative and managerial capacity for most of my career.  I have worked for a diverse number of companies and industries, both in the UK and in New Zealand, ranging from radio, government security services, Millennium Hotels and insurance.
Listening to and preserving personal life stories, is not only a privilege, but a way to ensure future generations remain emotionally connected to their ancestry. A wonderful legacy to leave and one that goes far beyond a name placed upon the branch of a family tree.
I relish the opportunity to now be part of personal history preservation, which is without doubt, the highlight of my career to date.

Memories are the legacy of love


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