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B.A, GradDipJournalism, Cert Creative Writing

I’m passionate about helping people capture and preserve their life stories for future generations.  I came to this work with an appreciation for history and a background in journalism and marketing communications.  As well as working as a newspaper reporter, I have worked in public relations and marketing roles and been a freelance contributor/columnist for publications such as Wild Tomato Magazine and Mudcakes & Roses.
I believe that everyone’s life story is interesting and unique.  Sharing your life story in your own words is one of the most precious gifts you can give.  It can also be a therapeutic process for the narrator.  It’s an honour and a privilege to be doing this work.

My time with Sarah was special

"A Level Playing Field was carefully planned and researched resulting in a quality book of my life which has had a huge impact on me and on others who have read it.  I feel that the book accurately captures the person I am." 
"My time with Sarah was special not only because her approach was elder-friendly and centred around supporting me to feel safe to share my story,  but Sarah acted as the catalyst at a time when my life’s journey needed to go forward, so talking about where I had come from assisted me to move on."
"Those who have read the book have said:   'Love the photos especially from your younger days and your children’s younger days' and 'I can just hear you talking about your life' to 'I found the sections prior to your marriage enlightening.'"
"The presentation of headings, photos, highlights and sections add up to a book which is a pleasure to look through and the final presentation is something I will treasure for years to come."
- Ruby Aberhart

A great job

"I have been waiting a long time for this – but well worth the wait.  Sarah Ryder did a great job."
- David Perrett with his book
'Adventures of a Wiltshire Moonraker'


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